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CryptoMania! Teleporting into Greek and Latin with the CryptoKids
Written by Edith Hope Fine
Illustrated by Kim Doner
The Buzz On CryptoMania!

Eureka! At last a book to track the many worlds of words, from constellations to computerese, back to their classical beginnings . . . CryptoMania! is the ideal introduction to the Greek and Latin building blocks of our ever-evolving English language . . . A regular Magnum Opus.
-Richard Peck, author of the Newbery Award-winning A Year Down Under

Fact and fantasy collide in this elaborate tale . . . the author has put years of experience teaching Greek and Latin words parts to elementary school children to good use in this exciting, multi-layered picture book.
-ForeWord Magazine

Each spread features vivid cartoon artwork, dialogue bubbles, and a cameo portrait of Zander with a short narration that moves the plot along. . . . Children will relate to the nonlinear presentation and will pore over the pages to make sure they have not missed any details . . . A delightful, educational book that makes vocabulary fun.
-School Library Journal

Edith Fine is at it again, entertaining children and delighting parents with her newest book . . . this introduction to language arts is cleverly disguised as a picture book. . . . Along the way, you'll discover that the English you read, write, and speak has its roots in ancient languages . . .
-San Diego Family

Here at Park Dale Lane Elementary School, all of our third- through sixth-graders have become CryptoKids, thanks to Edith Hope Fine's program that helps students pick up basic Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. By year's end, our young logophiles were decoders, able to find meaning in long, challenging words. They love Alphy, the Microcyanosaurus, and have gained so much from the CryptoKids program.
-Gail Patterson, Ph.D., Principal Park Dale Lane Elementary School, CA

I was in San Antonio at the IRA convention and was most impressed with your CryptoMania! book and ideas! Thanks for the hard work you do in teaching kids and in helping us teach kids!
-Elementary School Librarian

Five friends, the CryptoKids, teleport to ancient Greece and beyond to solve a mystery. The clues they collect help them discover the roots of words, and see how, when combined, words like telescope, tripod, and cardiovascular are formed. Kim Doner's illustrations are playful and informative. CryptoMania! teaches Greek and Latin by telling a story and truly engaging the reader. Although a children's picture book, it is a fascinating journey for children and adults alike. I read it, then my 14-year-old son (who is not normally interested in picture books) sat and read it with me. In the process of reading and sharing this book, the reader (and listener) learn the most wonderful things about the origins of our language. CryptoMania! would be a great experience for any child and wonderful read for adults who are interested in, and love words.
-The Readers Exchange

I always take an empty suitcase to CRA and IRA to take home the "must have" books. The first book I had to buy was CryptoMania!, by Edith Hope Fine, illustrated by Kim Doner. This is a book that really brings to life the Greek, and Latin building blocks of our English language. The comic book format makes it a book to be read and reread by elementary, middle school, and high school students.
-Penny Ann Cline, Editor Greater San Diego Reading Association

Written in an energetic format with stunning illustrations by Kim Doner, CryptoMania! is sure to appeal to students, while teaching them how to hunt out the secrets inside big, new, hard words by using a little knowledge of Greek and Latin roots and affixes. For teachers, an Educator's Guide is available online with loads of imaginative, hands-on projects and suggestions for in-depth explorations of the Teleporter destinations. Also available is the 34-week CryptoKids Decoder Program for schools with directions, weekly root word lists for teachers, bulletin board pages, and flashcards (

This book will also appeal to high school students embarking on their study of Latin. In fact, it might appeal to juniors and seniors who would like a quick, fun, and no-pressure review of Greek and Latin word roots before they take their SATs-although they might be too cool to admit it. You'll love it, too.
-Sharon Kazmierski, "The Clearing House" The Classical Outlook, The American Classical League

This wonderful book will provide eager students with countless hours of discovery, exploration, and just plain fun. CryptoMania! seamlessly incorporates the study of the Classics via word roots with a Nancy-drew set of young investigators --what a novel idea.
-Michael Posey, Foreign Language Teacher: Latin, Spanish The Collegiate School, Richmond, VA
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